How to Bring Inspiration to your Home with Color & Artwork...with Jennifer Emmer

Art and color are powerful. Like music, they influence our mood on both a conscious and subconscious designing our homes with this in mind can help us align ourselves for success in our businesses, relationships, and outside pursuits.

When I finally understood was life changing. I started rearranging furniture, artwork, giving away items that made me feel negative....and I instantly felt better. My surroundings went from being something that I had to overcome to something that lifted me up and inspired me!

As a result, I've decided to dive deeper into this idea and begin to study feng shui. During my research I discovered Jennifer Emmer of Feng Shui Style, a boutique firm in Silicon Valley. Jennifer is a Feng Shui Master, interior designer, color consultant with 20 year of experience. A featured professional on HGTV, she has designed businesses, homes, movie studios, restaurants and spas in the United States, Europe and Asia.

She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions and I thought I'd share them with you. They'll give you some insight into how changing a few simple things in your home can make for big results!

What item in your home inspires you the most? And how has it inspired you?

My Steinway baby grand piano. It inspires me because I can make music on it. It's also very beautiful to look at.

How do you think the artwork (wall art and sculpture) that people choose affects their mindset?

It absolutely affects their mindset. If you have a picture of a sad, single woman, with her back turned to the viewer, that will NOT attract love into your life! If, however, you have a picture of a happy couple dancing, that will subconsciously program yourself for couple-ship.

What is the biggest hesitation that your clients have to finding their own personal style? 

They're sometimes terrified of color. But they're not really terrified of color, they're terrified of making a mistake.

And how do you help them to overcome it?

I make them walk through the fire. I introduce color into their lives, with respect to Feng Shui, and I tell them WHY they need that specific color. Knowing the why helps them "take the plunge". And, they inevitably LOVE the colors after we're done.

What can people change easily in their homes to bring more inspiration to their lives?

Start with art. Art can inform an entire room. I just planned my whole living room around a painting by George Stubbs, entitled John and Sophia Musters riding at Colwick Hall, 1777.

Can you give an example of how a home décor makeover or a simple adjustment has helped transform yours or a clients’ life?

Painting an accent wall with a bold color. I had a client who had a fairly hum drum bedroom, that was royal blue and white. We painted the wall behind the beds orange, and suddenly the room came alive.


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