How to Create a Modern Coastal Bathroom with Fabulous Artwork

When people think of decorating they usually don't think of the bathroom....but it's a very important place. It's where we cleanse ourselves both physically and it should be decorated in a way that makes us feel relaxed and replenished.

If you agree with my statement above then this post is for you. I've chosen a vanity, bathroom accessories and artwork that when brought together all support a calming atmosphere.

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Design and Artwork Ideas for a Fabulous Modern Coastal-inspired Bathroom

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Thoughts behind this Modern Coastal Bathroom with Fabulous Artwork

A calming bathroom for me means colors that make me happy....and those two colors are blue and yellow. So I started with a set of my most coastal feeling abstract canvas artwork. 

If you don't have a lot of wall space in your bathroom, I recommend one above your toilet; however if you have a large wall, I recommend purchasing larger sizes and really bring some color into your modern bathroom. To find the right size for your bathroom, download one of my free eguides.

I then chose a white sleek modern vanity with a grey countertop and a white textured shower curtain to bring that lovely clean feeling.

Then to bring in more texture I chose a bathroom mat with a 'bubble' texture...and then to balance the blues in the room I chose these lovely luxuriously textured bright blue towels. To add to the modern theme of this bathroom I also chose sleek chrome facets.

To ground the room I chose a floor basket for discarding clothes after a long day of work and a highly textured light weaved basket to store toiletries neatly and accessibly on the shelf under the sink. I also chose a sleek white soap and toothbrush holder.

More Room Design and Fabulous Artwork Ideas

To learn more about my work, visit my modern sculpturemodern wall sculpturesabstract canvas artwork, and abstract framed wall art pages.

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