How to Create a Tranquil Living Room... for a Small Apartment

How to Create a Tranquil Living Room... for a Small Apartment

I just moved cross country... from the East coast of the United States to the West coast. In doing this, I gave away most of my furniture and accent pieces and stored the ones that I really treasured. This means that the only belongings I have at present fit in the trunk of my car. As a result, when I take out a lease on an apartment in the next few months I'll have to start from scratch in many ways.

It's been an amazing exercise actually. It's made me really think about what feeling I want my next living room to convey. Do I want it to be a heaven of tranquility or do I want it to be super lively? Well, what I discovered is that I want it to be a blending of both. And I want it to have a simple design. 

You see the apartment that I want to rent is one of those A-roof white-washed set-ups with a super luxurious kitchen and a magnificent view of a cove (water inlet). The view is amazing and just makes me feel like I'm in a wonderful I really want to celebrate the view...and in my experience small apartments with great views do best with furniture that suits the space.

So with this in mind, I've used this post as a daydreaming / planning exercise for my own life. I'll let you know in a future post how it all turned out! In the meantime, keep scrolling....because this living room design might be the right one for you as well. Everything is available for purchase. Simply click the images. 

Design and Artwork Ideas for a Tranquil Blue & Green Living Room... for a Small Apartment


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Thoughts behind this Tranquil Blue & Green Living Room... for a Small Apartment

  1. The Artwork - I love my 2018 print collection. I especially love this layered white blue and green print with much so that I think it will be just perfect in my new small California apartment. I like how it can blend in with white walls but still offers pops of pastel colors and plenty of texture so it makes me feel tranquil. To find the right art sizes for your living room download one of my free euides.
  2. The Sofa - Next I knew that I needed to get a neutral cute comfortable loveseat. I particularly wanted to make sure that it was on the smaller side so that it didn't dwarf the apartment....because large furniture can make a small space seem even smaller.
  3. The Blue Accent Chair - Blue being my favorite color I knew that the accent chair had to be blue. It also needed to not have arms so that it gave the impression of when I found this round deliciously blue that swivels I knew that it would be just perfect. The swiveling mean that the persona sitting in it could move it to talk to me while I'm in the kitchen or sitting next to them on the couch without ever having to get up or to stop leaning back into its cushiness. 
  4. The Side & Coffee Table - To compliment the wood decking I know that I want simple wooden side tables and a matching coffee when I found these smooth well-crafted tables I knew that they were it! Depending on how I decide to set-up the apartment I might use the coffee table as more of a TV stand, but I'll decide once I've moved in.
  5. The Ottoman - I didn't just want the room to be blue and white as I thought that that would get a little monotonous so I decided to accents of green starting with the ottoman. This small round ottoman might seem a bit bright in the assemble display above but I have a feeling that when it's put together to scale in my new living room it will offer a cheerful pop of color.
  6. The Pillow - For the second green accent I chose a funky green pillow that can be put on the white sofa or moved to the floor for additional casual seating when I have an overflow of guests. 
  7. The Lighting - For lighting I wanted a table lamp and floor lamp that were funky and cool but didn't impede the view of the I chose a clear crystal table lamp and a tall floor lamp made with thin wire and paper shades.
  8. The Rug - I waned the room to be very cheerful and almost have a supportive feeling of happiness and there's something magical about rugs. The patterns and colors on them send a message. And this blue textured rug just made feel so invited in that I knew that it had to be in my next living room. It's also an indoor / outdoor rug which is an added super athletic dog can slip past me with his muddy paws and I'll know that I can easily get the dirt out!
  9. Organic Wall Sculptures - Lastly, I wanted to add a little organic touch to the think side walls near the fireplace so I chose these medium round wall sculptures. If I haven't sold them by then I'll also add a few of the small ones and hang them in a kind of swoosh pattern up the tall!

Inspired? If so, click on the each image to learn more and bring this living room design to your home or apartment.

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How to Create a Tranquil Living Room... for a Small Apartment
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