How to Make your Office Beautiful with Abstract Canvas Artwork

#30 v2 square canvas print

#30 v2 square canvas print

Do you want your office to feel special? If you're anything like me you do. I mean spaces these days can be a total bore...and we all spend so much time in our offices they really should feel like a second home. if you feel this way, I'm here to help!

Bring Color to your Office with Designer Wall Art

If you're a stylish, which I'm sure you are if you've gone to the trouble to search for this topic, then I've got some ideas for you. First, let's start with color. 

Most office walls are painted either white or an off I recommend buying a abstract canvas print that has a little white in it so that the print compliments the wall. When there's a little white and the colors of the abstract canvas print also have some pastel shades it really brings a light feeling to the space....and I personally like to feel light and calm in my office whenever possible.

#11 set of square canvas prints

#11 set of square canvas prints

Picking the Right Sized Wall Art

The most important thing to remember about picking the size of your abstract canvas print is deciding how much a draw do you it to be. For instance, if you just want something pleasing to look at over your desk but don't really feel the need to have the overall feel of the office change then I recommend a small print (like the blue one on the bottom right). 

However, if you'd like to make more of a statement in your office, go big! If you have a rather large blank wall, I personally really like an oversized print (45'' x 60'' or 56'' x 56'') that takes up most of the wall. It can completely change the mood of an office in a good way (scroll down to see the large image below the two images).

If you have a smaller office or you'd just like to hang a print over your desk I recommend a 30'' x 30'' (see bottom left). It is small enough that it won't dominate the space but large enough to give the room an added lift.

Decorating Long Walls or Hallways in your Office

For longer walls I recommend either hanging a rectangular print or hanging a long series of square prints. Using either of these methods can make a room seem larger or an awkward space seem purposeful or even delightful in nature!

#28 rectangle canvas print

#28 rectangle canvas print


Get Artwork that Matches the Way you Want to Feel

Above all, I recommend picking something that compliments the way you want to feel while you're in the office. Do you want to feel calmer and lighter in your office? If so I highly recommend shopping for your designer wall art outside the office first and then bringing pictures of the finalists into the office to see which ones match best. 

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