My New Innovative Collection of Abstract Canvas Artwork

In January, I release my 2016 collection of organic-inspired modern wall art consisting of canvas prints and framed prints. They are close-up photographs of my modern sculpture that capture the brilliant patterns and colors that result from my glaze layering technique. Squarely within the realm of modern organic design, these photographic representations are a completely unique idea…and to my knowledge nothing similar has ever been done by another modern ceramic artist.

What I think makes these abstract canvas prints so interesting is that they are completely abstract. My intention in creating them was simply to accentuate people’s modern home décor so there is no right or wrong way to hang them. They can be vertical, horizontal, or even upside down. It makes no difference because they are photographs of organic sculpture which is viewed from all angles…which means that their two dimensional representation should have no viewing restraints. So when purchasing one for your home, I encourage you to hang them how you think is best. But if you need some ideas, here’s a few…

Tips on Hanging Oversized Artwork in Large Spaces

Oversized Artwork Above Couches & Fireplaces

The 45’’ x 60’’ oversized artwork version of these elegant abstract canvas prints are ideal for large wall spaces. For example, a single modern painting or print could easily cover the wall space above a sofa or the space above a long fireplace if hung horizontally adding vibrancy and elegance to the room. If hung vertically, one of these modern abstract canvas prints or prints could significantly enhance a large wall space in a hall or entranceway, but at the same time not take away from the architectural simplicity of the space due to their abstract design.

Modern Wall Art Ideas for Industrial Lofts


For really large spaces such as an industrial loft, one cool way to display them would be to buy two to five of the large rectangular versions. They could be one of the sets (blue, green, and brown set of three or the rustic set of two) or simply several of the same ones lined in a row. They’re so abstract and pattern oriented that it could lend some very interesting texture to an otherwise large plain wall without taking away from the architecture. For example for a modern industrial loft with rustic aspects such as dark hardwood floors and/or brown beams one cool idea would be to line three prints along a wall with a high ceiling. They would add dimension, but not take away from the sleek simple modern industrial quality of the space.

Modern Wall Art Ideas for Bedrooms

For a bedroom with a high ceiling, you could hang a set of four above the bed to serve as an extended headboard….or for a bedroom with a regular height ceiling you could hang square giclees or prints along horizontally along the top of the bed to give an added perception of width to the bed.


Tips on Hanging Small Prints in Small Spaces

Modern Wall Art Ideas for Small Apartments

For a super small space like a thin wall in a small apartment, I would recommend purchasing one of the long rectangular canvas prints such as the 8’’ x 10’’ size. You could even get two and hang them vertically down the wall space making for a truly unique room accent. For the space above a chair maybe in a hall or the corner of a room, you could hang two small square prints or canvas prints horizontally or two rectangular ones on top of one another to give more depth. 


Modern Wall Art Ideas for Above Small Couches

For the space above a love settee couch, I would recommend either two medium sized square prints (for example two 16’’ x 16’’s) next to one another selecting versions 1 & 2 from one of my number sets. Another suggestion is to buy four smaller canvas prints or prints such as the 10’’ x 10’’s and place them in a square pattern above the couch. You could select from the set of 4 rustic prints or canvas prints, the blue and green prints or canvas prints or buy two each of the versions 1 & 2 from a number set and swop them so that each version is diagonal from the other (se example to the right).

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