What I Offer

I help people redesign their homes and offices so that when they walk in the door they feel uplifted and aligned with what they want.

I am not an interior designer, but rather an artist and room designer with a rich history in personal growth. Over the last 5 years of working with my art clients I've discovered that people often decorate to please others or simply follow the advice of a retailer or blogger ....so when they end up not liking the room they think something's wrong with them. But the truth is that nothing is wrong with them. They just needed a more thoughtful process....

Over the last year I've developed a process that really works. It works for me and it works for others. I'd love to help you learn it!

How it Works

During my consulting sessions I walk through one room at a time with clients and help they uncover how they want to feel when they're in that room. I also help them gain insight into their future goals for the next several years.

We then go through each item in the chosen room and discover if everything in the room is in alignment with how they want to feel and their future goals. If something doesn't fit we'll figure out if it needs to be given away or simply moved to another room. If we discover that more inspirational pieces need to be added we'll see if something in your home fulfills this need or if not I'll make recommendations based on your taste.

What it Costs

Over Skype (must have video capability)

$150 per hour

In-Person (Bay Area Only)

$250 per hour (2 hour minimum)