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Are you Ready to Change your Life?

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed when you're home? Are you ready to shed these feelings and replace them with positive joyous ones?

Do you doubt yourself and feel 'off' when you're in certain rooms in your home? Are you ready to figure out what's wrong, fix it, and build an environment that increases your confidence?

Do you feel like you live in someone else's house and disconnected from your surroundings? Are you ready to have a home that makes you smile when you walk in the door and embraces who you truly are?

Are you Ready for Home Decor that Puts you in a Positive Mindset?

My simple system provides a completely new and refreshing way of looking at your home and how you interact with it. It will allow you to clearly see what you want from each room in your home or office and give you the tools to achieve it. 

Even with only a handful of changes you will experience a more positive mindset...which will inspire you to make incremental positive changes in your life resulting in an increased  number of ah-ha moments, a more acute sense of belonging and the ability to see your life with bigger vision.

My system combines......

Interior Design

Traditional interior designers decorate 'for' you. A good one will really engage you in what you want but most simply decorate your home with what they 'think' you want... leaving you in a home that is beautiful but still doesn't quite feel like you.

My system instead engages you fully in the process ensuring that the design is centered around the true 'you'. 

Feng Shui

Feng shui is a system that if implemented properly will bring you prosperity and good feelings. However, certain feng shui schools involve a series of rules that feel forced.

My system instead focuses on the intuitive schools of feng shui that celebrate how we move within our spaces allowing our interactions with them to feel less stressful and more natural.

Personal Growth

Personal growth allows us to become more in touch with our emotions so that are able to work through and dispel negative emotions and then fill our lives with positive ones. However, our mind is not an island. It is intrinsically linked to our environment making what we surround ourselves with profoundly important. 

My system focuses on our emotional connection to the objects and spaces that we surround ourselves with giving you the tools to carefully choose every item to support a positive mindset. 

A Holistic View of Space

My system takes a holistic look at your entire home thinking of it as an ecosystem that supports your body, mind and soul.

I believe that by taking control of our homes we can build a foundation for taking control of our lives....and build a future filled with more joy, better relationships, and more beauty.


If you're ready to take control of your surroundings now... click here to learn more about my ecourse - The Powerful Room.

Or contact me to set up a one-on-one consultation over video conference or in-person in the Atlanta Metro Area.


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Work with me


I help people like you transform their spaces into powerful rooms using interior design, feng shui & personal growth methods

These powerful rooms raise confidence and build a foundation for positive change.

The daughter of a female contractor, I spent my childhood roaming the construction sites of custom-built luxury homes. As a teenager I renovated old houses and helped my mom decorate model homes. 

Then as an artist and humanitarian worker for 20 years I watched people from all walks of life... and from all over the world buy furniture, artwork and functional items for their homes...and noticed some very common patterns....

Everyone wants to feel great when they come home, but many are unsure how to accomplish this. They buy beautiful positive things but they also bring all of their emotional baggage home as well.....creating homes that are contradictory.  Little by little, I came to understand that when we discard items that bring up negative thoughts and instead align the items in our homes and offices with how we want to feel and our goals then we set up our subconscious to be in a positive mindset....and when we're in a positive mindset we come up with kickass ideas that dramatically improve the quality of our lives and make the world a better place....

Some of the ways I've done this are:

Helping a man discover that by telling his wife that she couldn't hang many things on the wall because he didn't want to have to patch up the walls.... he was reminding both of them of his feelings of scarcity around time and his fear of going back to his former life as a construction worker on a constant basis. After our discussion he realized that by doing so he was blocking his wife from hanging big gorgeous artwork that instead made the house... and them... feel abundant and inspiring.


To help you accomplish this I offer:

Assisting a young woman who was coming to terms with a heart-breaking shift in her family dynamics to sift through her family memorabilia and furniture and figure out what was coming with her to this new phase of her life. Through our work together she realized that she was holding onto the past in subtle ways by the things she was keeping. We then figured out small and big ways to make her personality shine in her home..and how to set up the space to allow new friends into her life with ease....During our call she realized just how excited she was about the future.