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Hi. I'm Maggie.

I'm a sculptor, painter, author and home decor designer. I believe that everyone's home should reflect how fabulous they are....and that includes you!

So in addition to making art, I blog about decorating with art and how to overcome your decorating blocks...peppered with posts about inspiring people.  I've also put together an extensive resource library filled with practical tools and eguides for successfully buying art. To access it, sign up below.

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In late 2016, I sat down and wrote a memoir of my travels around the world. To learn more click here.

To connect with an artist's work is to connect with their heart and in Maggie Minor's new book, she gives us the opportunity to do both! From stories of her time abroad to sharing about her own unique creative process, this book is a must have for lovers of travel, art and creativity alike! Bravo Maggie, this ones a winner!

- Matt Tommey, Fine Art Basket Sculptor

Maggie Minor's odyssey through the rivers of family, education, coincidence, and art is a fascinating one.  One spurred on by a sense of getting away and going toward, by something other than herself.  She dives into a world I'm familiar with and so I know her journey.  And if Maggie's journey inspires you, go for it.  I'm writing this from a rooftop in Paris.  This world and these kinds of experiences, these kinds of eye openers are there for everyone to partake of.  You just have to jump.  Jump into the arts.  Jump into travel.  Jump into self discovery.  Follow Maggie's well written and inspiring example.

- Toland Sand, Fine Art Glass Sculptor