What we look at in our homes and offices has a profound subconscious impact on our mood and what we think about. However, because the home décor industry perpetuates a perfection seeking culture I think it understandably gets dismissed.

There is a revolution going on right now about what we put into our environments. There are podcasts and blogs about food, spirituality, relationships, and exercise, but no one is talking about curating what we look at everyday. I feel that it is my calling to be this voice…and I would love to hear your story!

With your help, I’d like to help people understand that if they simply change the objects they surround themselves with on a day-to-day basis to ones that reinforce a positive mindset magical things can happen. When people don’t do this and instead surround themselves with uncomfortable plain furniture and generic artwork then they are sending a message to their brain that their life is generic and that they are generic. I know from my own experience that when I when I don’t intentionally curate my surroundings to creative a positive environment what I get instead is a negative one…and it doesn’t matter how many vision boards I have…the inspiration to make my dreams come true suffers. So I’d like to help people think more about the artwork, furniture and other functional objects in their homes and offices with a special emphasis on things that they look at most in our house (i.e. what do you look at when you look up from your desk?). It’s a simple shift that can make a huge difference.

Tell me your Story

Tell me your story. Some possible angles could be ....What item in your home inspires you the most? And how has it inspired you?

How has the artwork (wall art and sculpture) that you’ve chosen affected your mindset? What changes have you made as a result?

What is the biggest hesitation that you have when decorating and finding your own personal style? And how have you overcome it?

What changes to your home or office have made the biggest difference to your mindset? And how has it affected your everyday life?

Provide an example of how a home décor makeover or a simple adjustment has helped transform yours, a clients’ or a friends’ life?

If your story is from the heart, I’ll turn your responses into an individual blog post on my website with a link to your website and promote it on my social media and through my weekly digest email to my subscribers. I’ll also send you a link and easy to post social media promos. I’ll put it into my research files for a future book. You will be given credit for any comments that I use.

I look forward to reading it:)

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