Maggie Minor Designs

Are you Ready for a Room and Life Transformation?

Are you ready to rid your home of things that don't resonate with your personal energy? 

Are you ready for a home that inspires you and feels warm and cozy when you close the doors at night?

Are you ready for that beautiful piece of art you've always wanted, simply because you're worth it?

Are you ready for the tools to choose beautiful and interesting items that reflect your personality?

Well, I am here to help...because I think you deserve all of these things.


My name is Maggie

and I want to help you transform your rooms

                      to reflect how you want to feel

                                  to support your goals

                                            ...and transform your mindset


If you're ready to make change NOW... click here to learn more about my room (and life) transformation course. 


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Work with me


I show people how to transform their spaces into powerful rooms that raise their confidence and build a foundation for change.

The daughter of a female contractor, I spent my childhood roaming the construction sites of custom-built luxury homes. As a teenager I renovated old houses and helped my mom decorate model homes. 

Then as an artist and humanitarian worker for 20 years I watched people from all walks of life... and from all over the world buy furniture, artwork and functional items for their homes...and noticed some very common patterns....

I came to understand that when we align the items in our homes and offices with how we can to feel and our goals then we set up our subconscious to be in a positive mindset....and when we're in a positive mindset we come up with kickass ideas that dramatically improve the quality of our lives and make the world a better place....

To help you accomplish this I offer: