Coming in 2020….

What we look at in our homes has a profound impact on our mood and what we think about. However, it’s not something that we usually think about.

Instead, we listen to advice from countless magazines, blogs and shows that tell us how to decorate. We let them influence what furniture, memorabilia, and artwork we put in our homes….without realizing that by doing so we are giving away our power.

Our power to choose objects that make us feel amazing, that embrace our true selves, and that encourage us to reach our goals. Our power to reinforce a positive mindset, draw upon the law of attraction and allow magical things to happen.

This book will forever change the way you think about your environment and how you shop. If fully embraced its tools will empower you to:

  • Create a cycle of positivity in your life

  • Grow your awareness about the messages that your objects are sending you

  • Connect to your intuition and inner design diva

  • Intuitively declutter your home of negative objects

  • Easily transform blank spaces to inspirational places

  • Build a solid foundation for your personal growth journey

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Not satisfied with the status quo in her North Carolina hometown, Maggie Minor left home at the age of 20 to travel the world. Her adventurous nature took her to Bulgaria as a Peace Corps volunteer, Australia as a graduate student, and East Africa and Asia as a humanitarian worker. Fascinated by people and the unknown, Maggie befriended people from all walks of life and immersed herself in local cultures.

Maggie’s travels have transformed the way that she thinks about art and have opened her up to the idea that her life can be different. Her memoir is a series of moments that when brought together tell the story of a curious person looking for more. Her journey has been winding, leading to places that she never thought she’d see and to people she never imagined she’d meet…and it all propelled her to where she is now…a sculptor and designer inspired by the world around her. Join her journey.


Loved Maggie's accounts of her travels! I guess it allowed me an opportunity to experience it vicariously through her since I've not ever traveled much (but wanted to). As an artist myself, I really was intrigued by her particular path toward creativity....TRAVEL and all it's experiences. My path was so different; I stayed in one place and focused on technique, studio time and work. I was compelled to pick up the book from an artist's standpoint and it excites me as I look forward to more travel in my future and the impact I know it will have on my own work as well. Super fun joy ride of a read! Read it one afternoon because I couldn't put it down! Thanks Miss Minor for sharing such a rich experience with your readers! :) 

- J. Williams (Amazon Review)

Maggie Minor's odyssey through the rivers of family, education, coincidence, and art is a fascinating one.  One spurred on by a sense of getting away and going toward, by something other than herself.  She dives into a world I'm familiar with and so I know her journey.  And if Maggie's journey inspires you, go for it.  I'm writing this from a rooftop in Paris.  This world and these kinds of experiences, these kinds of eye openers are there for everyone to partake of.  You just have to jump.  Jump into the arts.  Jump into travel.  Jump into self discovery.  Follow Maggie's well written and inspiring example.

- Toland Sand, Fine Art Glass Sculptor