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Hi. I'm Maggie.

I create room designs by hand-selecting furniture with complimentary contemporary prints and sculpture from my own collections.

I want you to succeed in your business and home lives and I believe that beautiful inspiring spaces provide a positive anchor to do this. I know that people tend to think of decor as something that doesn't really matter especially when it comes to business but it really does. What we surround ourselves with is important. If our surroundings are positive and inspiring it sets up our subconscious to be in a positive state....and when we're in a positive state we come up with kickass ideas that make the world a better place.

Each of my room designs is unique and bold. And to make your life simple, every item is available for purchase.

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Who am I?

I'm an avid traveler and all around curious person. I've always loved art...which is why I studied art history of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill...However, the world was I traveled the world as a humanitarian worker, peace corps volunteer, graduate student and solo traveler for 15 years.

When I turned 35, I could fight the urge to create no longer. I quit my job and quickly began to develop my own artistic style. I've never been happier. 

To learn more about my life purchase my heartfelt memoir, Adventures of a Curious Sculptor. 

What is my philosophy?

I believe that in order to create original wonderful things you must always be growing as a person....and at the same time I believe that we create is a reflection of who we are...

As a result I am constantly driving myself to be a more authentic person...and part of this process is removing mental blocks by delving straight into my fear....and embracing all of my quirks.

I want to help other people do the same.

I believe that one way to do this is to have your home decor reflect your authentic self. 

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How I Build my Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

I believe that working 'with' clay instead of against it creates the most beautiful sculpture. Using my technique I build large fluid forms that appear as if they are almost alive..... To learn more click this video.


Why my Glazes are so Vibrant & Colorful 

I experiment. I layer anywhere from two to six glazes, sands, oxides, underglazes, and glass onto one sculpture. I then record the results and build upon the best outcomes.....and this is why my contemporary ceramic sculptures and modern wall sculptures have the most brilliant blues, the most complex color combinations and the most interesting textures.

I pride myself on being different and every sculpture is another journey to accomplish this.

How I Create my Abstract Canvas Prints

Each abstract canvas print is produced from a close up photograph of the glazes from one of my contemporary ceramic sculptures or modern wall sculptures.